Jacqueline Wakeford - Flydresser






Jackie Wakeford has written or contributed to some well-received books on the topic of flydressing: Listed below are details on each of the books which she has written or contributed to, alongside the appropriate cover-shot (click on the image for a larger view).

Flytying Techniques Flytying Techniques has over 350 full colour illustrations showing the different stages of the flytying processes, combined with Jackie's expert instructions makes this an invaluable book for the novice and a useful reference for the experienced user.
Flytying Tools And Materials Flytying Tools And Materials covers the fly dresser's tools of trade in great detail, but its uniqueness lies in its treatment of natural flytying materials. Providing a reference for the natural colouration and appearance of hackles and winging materials - as well as looking closely at tying threads, hooks, tinsels and man-made products for bodies and wings.
A Dictionary Of Trout Flies First published in 1948, A Dictionary of Trout Flies by A C Williams describes all the best-known natural and artificial flies used by trout fishermen. It has become a classic in the literature of flytying for its wealth of information. Jackie personally tied all the flies for the colour plates in a revision published in 1986, and contributed some textual changes.

Both Flytying Techniques and Flytying Tools And Materials are unfortunately now out of print. As Flytying Techniques was one of the best selling and best reviewed of all flydressing books, you may be able to find secondhand copies.